Being active on Team helps facilitate opportunity for yourself and others to connect to both God and each other. There’s so many opportunities spanning so many gifts and talents.

We want to find something that suits and grows you so why not check out the options below.


This team includes our Photographers, Videographers, Visual designers and Content Creators. They play a key role in engaging people by providing a glimpse of what church is like and what God can do in peoples lives, through storytelling.


The role of this team is to curate the flow of someone attending our church for it to be as inviting and as seamless as it can be. They help to create a safe experience with a high-energy welcome and clear directions from the moment guests arrive. This includes hosting, hospitality and car park.


Worship provides structure and language for people to express praise and adoration. Our worship team leads our Sunday services. This includes keyboard, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, electric guitar, worship leader, backing vocal.


We host sessions for children aged between 2-10 during the second half of every service. Providing a fun and engaging environment for them to learn about Jesus and how much he loves them. It’s perfect for anyone who’s passionate about the newest generation of champions. Whether you have experience or not, there’s an important role you can play in bringing the bible to life for them.


This includes our Lighting, Sound, Visuals, Camera, Streaming. These play a key role in making our Sunday services function and work smoothly, creating an environment hospitable for the Spirit of God especially during this season.


Our Events team help to prepare our services, ensuring the necessary key details are in place for all that happens on platform and between our service teams. Service producing and stage management are two key roles on the day but there’s lots of opportunity to help in the week to get things planned and prepped.

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