The following guide contains the why, how, and what of Team Hope City. Once you've worked your way through the guide, sign up using the button at the bottom of the page. We can't wait to have you part of the team!
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How we serve matters. God cares more about our attitudes than our actions. We’ve defined the attitudes we want to carry in our Team Culture.
Culture either happens by default or by design, so rather than allowing popular culture, our feelings or our upbringing to take the lead, we look to Jesus to see the kind of team we want to create. If it’s not Christ-like, we don’t want it in our culture.



“The greatest thing we bring to the team is our relationship with Jesus.”

We’re about Jesus. We are Jesus followers before anything else. We exist to serve him, glorify him, and make him known.


"We take nothing and no-one for granted."

We’re about honour. We fight against familiarity. We are vocal with appreciation, and never stingy with our words. We honour in all directions; to those in spiritual authority, those we serve with, and those we diligently care for.


“It’s more blessed to give than receive.”

We’re about generosity. God has given so richly toward us in his son Jesus. A generous life is simply our response back to Him. It’s a privilege to serve His Kingdom with our time, talent and treasure.


Here are some statements we stand by. Imagine the kind of church we could create if each of us put these into practice!

Lead Yourself First

We can’t pour from an empty cup. So we take care of ourselves; spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and relationally. We know that our personal life comes everywhere with us, impacting everything we do, positively or negatively. So we take personal responsibility for our own health, so we can pour health into others.

Widen Your Circle

Everybody should feel at home here. We turn strangers into friends. We look out for the lonely. We take time to understand a person’s story. We pursue meaningful relationships, both within the church and outside of it.

Give Your Best

If we’re going to do it, we'll do it with our whole heart. We won't do things halfway. We do things to the best of our ability - not perfection, but excellence. We’re on time, prepared and engaged. Our passion affects the atmosphere - we are thermostats, not thermometers.

Bring The Joy

We take fun seriously. This journey will be long, so we’re going to enjoy it. We look for ways to bring life, laughter and joy to those around us. We lift every room we step into and decide to be a blessing in every moment.

Never Work Alone

Discipleship starts with inclusion. It’s not just about getting a job done, it’s about involving others. Whatever we do, we seek someone to bring on the journey with us. We’re passionate about teaching and empowering others. We aim to create a legacy by replacing ourselves.



Every team plays a unique role in helping a person experience Jesus. Take a look at the breadth of opportunities available below. If you can't find something that suits, we'd love to consider other opportunities with your skills.
  • Hosting
  • Car Parking
  • Security
  • Hospitality
  • Events
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Screens
  • Photography
  • Dinner Parties Host
  • Administration
  • Facilities & Renovations
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Content
  • Communications
  • Dinner Parties Host
  • Dinner Parties Admin


Each of us has been created uniquely by God. Ideally, we'll all serve in areas that suit our gifting. We use a free online tool called The Spiritual Gifts Survey that is helpful in determining your God-given gift. We recommend you take the survey to learn more about your gifting.


And finally, for some practical stuff. Get yourself clued up for a strong start!
Planning Centre is our software that schedules volunteers and communicates event details. It's all online, and can find everything you need from runsheets, to chord charts, to accepting and declining schedules. You'll automatically be enrolled for Planning Centre when you sign up for Team Hope City below.
Team Gatherings are hosted by your Team Leaders at least every season (4 months). These opportunities make sure everyone is clued up on key services or events happening, all are trained and that culture and character is developed so we can give our best in our area of service. There's usually some social hangouts and fun throughout the year too.
Every volunteer is invited to join us for Team Rally every Sunday morning. During this time, you will receive information, be encouraged and pray with each other.
Yes! Your commitment is your choice. We'll ask you on the form below how frequently you'd like to contribute. But you can adjust your schedule at any time on Planning Centre in your account settings. As a courtesy, we recommend you keep your Team Leader updated personally to help them with scheduling.
We understand emergencies happen. If there's a last minute problem, contact your Team Leader directly and they can help.
Big topic! Although many people are cautious of over-working / burning out, we think it's avoidable.
We believe burn-out is not so much about how fast you're running, but about the load that you're carrying. Seasons change, and we can each find ourselves carrying greater loads of weight, stress and anxiety. If you're feeling overloaded, here's a few ideas that can help:
  • Tell someone. Nothing good happens when you're isolated. Swallow your pride and open up about the stress you feel. A Team or Dinner Party leader is a great place to start.
  • Keep leaning into God. Lead yourself into God. Pray when you don't feel like praying. Read when you don't feel like reading. Keep going. Just because you can't feel God's love, doesn't mean he doesn't love you.
  • Develop a circle around you. We all need friends who can pray with us. That's why we recommend every team member first finds a Dinner Party they can journey with.
  • Maintain your rhythms. You might want to pull back from high levels of activity, but some foundational rhythms should always remain. Don't feel embarrassed about turning up at church on Sunday even though you're not serving. We don't want you for what you do, but for who you are.
  • Reopen your heart. Many of us are "burning out" because of broken trust in relationships. But don't give up on humanity. There are so many good and trustworthy people - you will find them again.
  • Adjust your schedule. Need some space to reconnect with God? Remember - your commitment is your choice. Not sure how? Read the section below on changing how frequently you serve.
Each Team Leader will give you appropriate training during your first few weeks. You'll also receive on-going training during Team Nights.
In 2021, we're also working on some online video training courses which will allow people to up-skill and learn new things, so we can reach the world more effectively for Jesus.