We're so glad you're getting married! Congratulations on your big day. If we can, we would love to support you by officiating your wedding ceremony.
Marriage is a sacred commitment where a covenant is made to remain faithful to your spouse until "death do you part". Your wedding ceremony before God is an opportunity for your guests to witness this decision publicly, and for our pastors to pronounce you as man and wife before God.
If you wish our Hope City pastors to officiate your wedding day, there are a few conditions:

  • You are both professing christians and have been baptised
  • You are both an active part of our Hope City church community
  • You have both completed the Pre Marriage Course

There are also a few practical considerations for you to consider before enquiring:

  • We ask that every couple appoints an event co-ordinator who will oversee the details of your ceremony.
  • Our pastors are not be able to be present at wedding rehearsals prior to your ceremony. This is due to their season as a young family.
  • This enquiry does not include requests for worship team. Requests for support with worship for your ceremony can be made individually to our team and is not guaranteed.
  • There is no payment for wedding officiation. It is our joy to be part of your day. Should you wish, you may provide a love gift to our pastors and any team involved. 

*Should you only require use of our church venue, and do not need pastors to officiate your wedding, please click here.